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Support Pack EMEIA-wide event-based - 3 years Collect &...

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  • geeignet für die Modelle: LIFEBOOK N532, A512, A531, A532, A544, A555, A556, A557 LIFEBOOK AH531, AH532Gfx, AH544, A555G, A556G, AH562, AH564, NH532, LH532
  • Ideal for all those who find delivering a faulty device to a service center too time-consuming due to restricted mobility or long journey times.
  • Enjoy the savings in time as you don't have to travel. One of our logistic service providers will collect the device having called you beforehand accordingly
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More security for your investment
  • Take the opportunity and use a SupportPack to increase the service level on the basis of the standard warranty of your device. Our portfolio offers you the opportunity to adapt the necessary hardware service level and duration to suit your requirements.
  • for Displays <= 20 inch  </br>Displays > 20 inch until < 24 inch   </br>E22 Touch  </br>Displays >= 24 inch


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