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Car/Air DC Mini Adapter 80

Charge your batteries everywhere and anytime

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Frequent travelers and mobile users need to charge their mobile devices - phones, tablet PCs and notebooks - anywhere and anytime. The lightweight FUJITSU Car/Air DC Mini Adapter 80, powerful without compromise, will keep your devices charged and help you to achieve even more. It does not add any additional weight to your luggage as this adapter is one of the world’s smallest and lightest adapters. Whether in a car or in a plane: your mobile system and your phone will be charged simultaneously via one device only.

The Car/Air DC Mini Adapter 80 is perfect for usage in cars and planes where 12 V power supplies is availableSimply select the correct connector and use the charger for your handheld, Tablet PC or notebookUSB charging port for mobile devices

The adapter comes with protection in case of- short circuit- over and under-voltage- leakage current- over temperature The Car/Air DC Mini Adapter 80 interrupts charging immediately if the voltage on the line is not within the specified limits. Thus the conencted devices will be safe from damages.

Best quality and stabilityConstant current regulation ensures stable charging of batteriesEmPower cable is included for charging in many airplanes during travelling Two changeable 19V plugs support most of the mobile devicesCompliance with E-Mark for car usage and DO-160G standard for aviation

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