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CELVIN® Drive D100 (2000 GB)

Extended storage

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  • External HDD Device 3.5-inch
  • Hard disk capacity: 2000 GB
  • Transfer rate: average read speed 32.6 MB / sec, average write speed 28.2 MB / sec
  • Max. transfer rates: up to 480 Mbit/s with USB 2.0

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CELVIN®  Drive D100 (2000 GB)
The CELVIN® Drive D100 is a highly reliable external storage device with a standard USB-interface for Plug & Play experience by simply connecting the device to a notebook or PC.
Furthermore it is easy to set up and increase the home network capacity by attaching it to the USB port of dedicated routers or NAS devices. The GREEN SLEEP feature enables the device to turn-off into a power saving mode when no data transfer occurs and restarts instantly when data access is requested. A special software, downloadable from the FUJITSU web site, allows user defined turn-off times.
The extremely stable and elegant designed housing with perfect heat dissipation enables very secure storing of all of your data.

Extremely stable and elegant housing
Perfect heat dissipation enables very secure storing of all of your data

Energy saving with power management
Automatic Power Down: automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of inactivity or when host runs in sleep modeGREEN SLEEP: 0.8 W power consumption in standby-mode

Simply plug in to any computer´s USB port
Ideal for professional and home usage

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Vaste schijf 2000 GB
Kleur black
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