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CELVIN® NAS Q703 (2 x 2 TB)

2-Drive RAID Protection

SKU# 111566

  • CELVIN® NAS Server, 2 x 2 TB NAS-HDD INT
  • Processor: Marvell 2.0 GHz , 1GB DDR3 RAM
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CELVIN® NAS Q703 (2 x 2 TB)
Fujitsu CELVIN® NAS Q703 is an all-in-one, high performance device, designed principally for storage-hungry SOHO users but also for SMB users or home enthusiasts. It satisfy the needs of state-of-the-art business for centralized data management and enable users to set up and administrate the FUJITSU Storage CELVIN® NAS easily. Saving data, managing and sharing files over multiple platforms has never been so easy.

Business Server Feature
Flexible usage, access and integration of the device and capacity
Windows active directory support for centralized account information in complex organizations
iSCSI target and initiator for simple and platform independent IP-capacity provision
Multiple options for file management, remote access and database usage
Outstanding file sharing possibility

Backup Management
Complete end to end backup concept
Powerful PC backup software and Apple Time Machine support
Encrypted remote replication
Quick- touch USB copy for different destination folders
Backup to external storage device or cloud storage

Service-friendly cabinet
3-years spare part supply
Country-specific warranty
Top-up services are available

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