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Docking Adapter STYLISTIC M532

Enhance your STYLISTIC M532

SKU# 15280

  • USB/HDMI Adapter für STYLISTIC M532
  • 1 x HDMI, 1 x USB

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Docking Adapter STYLISTIC M532
The Fujitsu Docking Adapter easily enhances your STYLISTIC M532 for more flexibility when on the road. A short doggle cord securely connects your Docking Adapter giving you access to additional full-sized HDMI and USB interfaces in addition to a docking connector pass through. This easy-to-transport accessory boosts your productivity and enjoyment, no matter where you are working with your STYLISTIC M532.

Extra Interfaces
HDMI port for viewing presentations or even media content on a projector or larger display
Docking connecter pass through
Full-sized USB interface for use with nearly any USB based peripheral
Support for USB storage devices, keyboards, mice, or a USB to LAN adapter

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