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KB Bluetooth LX360 (U.S. keyboard layout)

Excellent Bluetooth wireless connection with slim design

SKU# 15212

  • 80-key keyboard
  • Dimensions: 117 x 264 x 18 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 270 g
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KB Bluetooth LX360 (U.S. keyboard layout)
The KB Bluetooth LX360 keyboard is an excellent desktop solution for all ambitious users. This supreme keyboard has slim and sleek design with laser printed keys, and the soft touch design brings you the best keystroking experience in the daily office work.

Support Bluetooth technology for wireless connection, null

Slim and sleek design, Stress free with high contrast keys, Soft key touch for best comfort

High quality and function stability, Abrasion-proof keys through laser technology

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Aansluitingen Bluetooth
Kleur Black
In levering inbegrepen Bluetooth keyboard, 2 x AAA batteries
Sku S26381-K540-L402