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Kensington Combination Ultra

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Fujitsu Technology Solutions has security high on its list of priorities. A data breach resulting from a stolen notebook computer can have consequences far beyond the stolen hardware. The Fujitsu Kensington Combination Ultra Laptop Lock protects your device and data from theft. The push button design offers one hand operation for ease of use while the Kensington T-bar secures the lock to your laptop. With the four-wheel keyless combination lock you can choose from 10,000 different possibilities making it nearly impossible to crack. Simply anchor the lock to a desk, table or other fixed structure and you are Ultra secured.

Product at a glance:
Superior strength lockhead to resist tampering, Push button design for one hand operation to easily install lock, Keyless 4-wheel combination, Easily resettable, Anchors to desk tables or any fixed structure, Attaches to laptop via the Kensington Security Slot found in 99% of computers

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