Windows 10 Pro

Keyboard KB NUM CALC

Numeric Keyboard for easy data input

SKU# 15187

  • Connects to every PC via standard USB interface
  • Dimensions: 100 x 200 x 20 mm
  • Color: Black/silver
  • Weight: 183 g

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The KB NUM CALC external numeric keyboard is an excellent add-on for notebook users or those needing to enter lots of numeric data. This keyboard is easier, faster and more convenient to use than the numeric keypad integrated in the alpha keyfield of a standard keyboard. With the calculator functionality, a lot of additional benefits are offered.
For applications requiring numeric input only, the KB NUM CALC keyboard represents the optimum solution as the only keyboard connected to the notebook or PC. Battery-operated, the KB NUM BALC can be used as a normal calculator when disconnected from your Notebook or PC.
The asynchronous NUM LOCK function is very convenient for data and text input with your notebook.

Connects to every PC via standard USB interface
Easy to use keyboard
Comfortable data input with asynchronous NUM LOCK
Stand-alone calculator functionality

Stress free and effective use thanks to high contrast keys
Ergonomic key design and a soft pressure point.

High quality and stable functioning thanks to development tests and quality management
Warrant, service and spare part supply according to your needs

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Aansluitingen USB
Kleur Black/silver
Sku S26381-K272-L410