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Keyboard KB410 USB (US layout)

SKU# 15205

  • US layout on 105 keys, 1,8m cable
  • Slim value USB keyboard
  • Colour: Black

Momenteel helaas niet beschikbaar.

The USB Keyboard KB400 is a real eye-catcher on every desk. With its space saving design it looks very trendy. It is the perfect and reliable input device for all everyday office tasks working with a desktop PC or other systems with a USB interface.

Connects easily to every PC via standard USB interface
Slim and space saving design

Extraordinary flat and space saving design
Stress free and effective use through high contrast keys and ergonomic key design
Soft touch keys with slim key-technology
Low noise

Modern production technology
Abrasion-proof keys thanks to laser technology to write the keycaps
Fully automated production line

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Aansluitingen USB
Kleur black
Sku S26381-K510-L402