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Sleeve Ultra

Tailored, ultra-thin sleeve

SKU# 15262

  • Perfect for 13 or 14-inch Ultrabooks™
  • Color: Black with red details
  • Weight: 318 g
  • Dimensions: 336 x 28 x 256 mm
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The Fujitsu Sleeve Ultra is a thin tailored sleeve for your Fujitsu Ultrabook™. It is the ideal match for 13 or 14-inch Ultrabooks™ and provides protection while highlighting just how thin and light your Fujitsu Ultrabook™ really is. A mix of high quality PU leather and nylon with tasteful red highlights bring you a touch of style while the red micro-suede inner lining protects the finish of your Ultrabook from bumps and scratches.

Features at a glance
Perfect for 13 or 14-inch Ultrabooks™
Understated professional style
Protection for your investment when you are on the road
Tailored sleeve is thin enough that it adds hardly any weight or bulk keeping your Ultrabook™ protected yet incredibly mobile.

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Kleur Black with red details
Sku S26391-F1191-L310