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Soundsystem Tube 2100

Dynamic Acoustic Tube in Living Room

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  • 2.1 soundsystem with 2 satellites, 16W
  • Dynamic aluminium Sound Tube
  • Weight: 1300 gr
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Soundsystem Tube 2100
This small yet powerful Fujitsu Soundsystem Tube 2100 complements and improves your system’s audio experience through a high sound quality and an extraordinary, modern design. Its compact body takes up less of your desk space and consumes little energy, achieved by automatically shutting down after fifteen minutes of standby.

 Powerful aluminum SOUND TUBE woofer gives you the 22 Watts powerful bass without any compromise. With avant-garde golf-ball-size satellite speaker design, the overall acoustic performance takes you beyond the imagination!

Smart EIDC (Electrical Intelligent Distortion Control)
 With the cutting-edge microchip controller, the speaker will automatically adjusts the amplifier to ensure extremely low distortion, which will protect the hearing and avoid speaker damage.

Auto Fade-in&out Volume ControlPlug & Play
 Easy Plug & Play design provides you the maximum simplicity with any Notebook, PC, and MP3 Music Player.

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Aanvullende Informatie

Aansluitingen 3.5 mm
Voeding 35 Hz - 22 kHz
Kleur Black
all current OS
In levering inbegrepen Subwoofer, 2 Satellites, Power Adapter, 3.5mm Line-in cable
Sku S26391-F7128-L710