Windows 10 Pro

Support Pack national up-front - 3 years On-Site Service...

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  • for PRIMERGY BX920 S3/S4 Dual Server Blade PRIMERGY BX922 S2 Dual Server Blade BX2560 M1 PRIMERGY CX250 S2, CX2550M1-M2 PRIMERGY CX272 S1, CX270 S2, CX2570 M1-M2 PRIMERGY RX200 S8, RX2530 M1-M2 PRIMERGY RX2510 M2 PRIMERGY RX300 S8, RX2540 M1-L, M2
  • Benefit from the repair of your device directly on-site at your premises.
  • Ideal for all those who value on-site error elimination but who do not use their PC for business every day.
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More security for your investment
  • Take the opportunity and use a SupportPack to increase the service level on the basis of the standard warranty of your device. Our portfolio offers you the opportunity to adapt the necessary hardware service level and duration to suit your requirements.
  • for CELSIUS H710, H720, H730, H760, H910, H920, H730, H760, H970  </br>CELSIUS J550  M470, M470-2, M720, M730, M740, R5xx, R6xx, R920, R930,  R940, W280, W370, W380, W410, W420, W480, W510, W530, W550, W570

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