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UC&C USB Value Headset

Convenient Communication

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  • USB Headset
  • Weight: 100 g (w/o cable)
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UC&C USB Value Headset
The Fujitsu UC&C USB Value Headset is an affordable yet high quality headset designed to improve communication within your business environment. Its lightweight, ergonomic design offers extreme comfort during long lasting business calls, whilst the setup allows compatibility and excellent audio quality with telephony, internet chat, speech recognition and video conferencing. The headset is tested through Microsoft Lync to ensure the highest level of communicability and versatility whilst in use. What’s more, the inline controller allows for easy in-call management such as call answering, volume control, microphone mute and call termination, making this your ideal desk companion for ultimate communication and efficiency.

Lightweight and bi-aural full-size stereo headsetHigh wearing comfort

Ease of use
Plug& PLayEasy call management

Inline-Controller (supporting the call management)Microsoft® Lync™ tested Noise cancelling microphoneUSB bus-powered

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Aansluitingen USB
Kleur Black
eLux™ RL - Embedded LinuxMac OS XWindows® XPWindows Vista®Windows 7Windows 8Windows 8.1Windows 10
In levering inbegrepen Headset, Pouch, Fixing cable clip, Noise cancellation cover
Sku S26391-F7139-L20